AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Technology In Action

By now, many of you are probably aware that the launch of AMD's next-generation, DirectX 11-compliant graphics cards is imminent. Rumors about the launch and the products themselves has been trickling out for quite a while now and lots of information--some right and some wrong--is already available at various places around the web. While we can't disclose any detailed specifications or product specifics just yet, we do have some information about a new feature being implemented in the next-gen Radeons that we are able to share with you now.

The feature is called Eyefinity and what it does in essence, is allow for multiple monitors to be used as a single display. As it stands today, for the most part, when multiple monitors are connected to a single PC, those monitors are recognized as independent displays and can be configured for desktop spanning or mirroring, etc. With Eyefinity, however, the displays are arranged in a single group (or in multiple groups) and they are treated as a single display by the OS.

AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Technology In Action

Eyefinity is enabled through a combination of hardware and software being developed by AMD. On the hardware front, AMD's upcoming Radeons will sport between 3 and 6 display outputs of various types, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc. And those outputs will be managed by software currently dubbed SLS, or Single Large Surface. Using the SLS tool, users are able to configure a group of monitors to work with Eyefinity and essentially act as a single, large display.

11,520 x 4,800 - 55.3 megapixels, Four Cards - High res?  Got that...

We had a chance to experiment with Eyefinity earlier and came away impressed. In a private demo, representatives from AMD configured a group of six, 30" Dell 3008WFP panels as a single display, in a 3 x 2 arrangement, with a resolution of 7680 x 3200--that's about 24.6 megapixels if you do the math.  Powering the displays was a SINGLE graphics card, with a SINGLE GPU. The Windows desktop functioned as one monolithic surface, with all of that expansive resolution available to the user. What was more impressive than that though, was gaming on the six screens. We had a chance to play an upcoming DX11 racing game, Dirt 2, at 7680 x 3200 with perfectly acceptable frame rates--a hint at the power of AMD's upcoming next gen Radeon graphics cards. We also spent some time gaming across three 30" displays in a 3 x 1 configuration with Left 4 Dead and have to say it absolutely changes the experience for the better. Even Francis would like it.

Upcoming Samsung Thin-Bezel Displays

At the time of launch, Eyefinity will support single-GPU configurations for gaming, but we're told CrossFire support will be coming at some point in the future as well.  The technology will require that at least one of the displays be equipped with a DisplayPort connection.

We've also been informed that AMD has partered with some display makers, like Samsung for example, that will be introducing new displays with ultra-thin bezels, designed with Eyefinity in mind.

We will have more news regarding AMD's next-gen Radeons in the not too distant future, so stay tuned to HotHardware for the full scoop.

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rapid1 5 years ago

Yeah; I have been wondering exactly what the new radeons would contain. I have tidbits of information from many sources, but nothing concrete. I am assuming AMD/ATI is just waiting for Win7 release, and DX11 implementation. I think they should let them out prior to this launch though. I am sure a large number of consumers would upgrade to be prepared. Therefore they would get some more market share.

acarzt 5 years ago

Seems kinda pointless from an entertainment point of view... you've gotta wonder, why not just get 1 huge screen.

From a productivity point of view tho.... Sweet! :-P

Dave_HH 5 years ago

Sure, you could do that with a large 50 or 60" screen but over HDMI you're limited to what, 1080p? This is 7680 x 3200, talk about field of view! High res fo sho!

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

Ha.  I love that picture with the man playing on the couch with the 360 controller.  They're trying to make it like some normal people just happen to have 6 monitors professionally attached like it's a normal household thing.

I am impressed by it.  I just don't happen to own a monitor warehouse at the present time.  Kudos to those who do.

Lev_Astov 5 years ago

Hey, I've been gaming on a similar setup using one of these for a couple years now:  It's actually been more economical than buying a single large display.

What I really REALLY want is some nice clean way to use an Xbox 360 on it. Since it's a large array of monitors, I can't just plug the Xbox 360 into it, and any SD solution (which are plentiful) would defeat the purpose of having all those monitors to boost the resolution.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

Cry Engine 3 on three monitors with Eyefinity.

Yeaaaaah.  That's... awesome.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Yeah It is actually usually cheaper and you end up with more pixels if you buy a few monitors rather than one big one.

From the sounds of it this only works with display ports. Is this true or have I miss read. That would be rather disappointing since I have a few monitors. This is one thing that used to work fine in XP, but they changed the way multi monitors worked in Vista and you can't play full screen games on more than one monitor anymore. I'm glad they are finally fixing that issue.

dizowned 5 years ago

Actually I kind of like the return to the multidisplay stuff. This market has been pretty much untouched in forever due to growing monitor sizes at affordable prices. The fact that you can get that resolution out of one graphics cards speaks world to the design of the new DX11 parts and if this technology actually pans out you may see me quickly returning to a multimonitor setup, from a gaming, productivity, enjoyability, or cost perspective you really can't beat that setup.

marco c 5 years ago

Bob, only one of the displays needs to have a DisplayPort interface, or at the very least, one of them has to have an active DP to DVI adaptor.

infinityzen 5 years ago

What I think none of you have commented on is that the 5870 has enough graphics power to run current generation games at 7680X3200 with playable frame rates.

Single card!


24.5+ Mega-pixels!

Playable frame rates!

People on other boards were saying "Just wait until Nvidia's card comes out!" Yea, good luck with that. I'm betting this will be another 9800.

acarzt 5 years ago

Yea, sounds cool, but is AA or AF on and you have to wonder if it's REALLY running at the Native Resolution. Also, what exactly is "Acceptable" frame rates? I also have a hard time getting over the bezel. Having taken apart quite a few LCDs, the actual panels have VERY small bezels... the rest is just useless plastic... well it serves the purpose of preventing the panel from damage lol But otherwise USELESS lol

It's also quite difficult to see the difference in picture quality when you're talking about outrageous resolutions like that. BUT, if that car really is pumping 24.5+ million pixels with AA and AF and all the bells and whistles... then that is impressive. Either that card has some muscle, or DX11 is friggin AMAZING.


Oh and I think you meant the 9700, that card was a game changer for sure! That was an enormous leap in power, and then the 9800 followed shortly after. ATI/AMD have been slipping lately(in my opinion) I want to see some hardcore stuff coming out of their camp.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Thanks Marco.

[quote user="acarzt"]ATI/AMD have been slipping lately(in my opinion) I want to see some hardcore stuff coming out of their camp.[/quote]

I agree, but the 4800s really made a splash. We'd be looking at $700 and $800 cards again if not for them.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

ATi did not slip at all this generation.  Despite the GTX 285 and 295 being the fastest single and dual GPU solutions, I really think in many ways ATi won this generation.  Just look at the $650 GTX 280 and $400 GTX 260 Core 192.  The $300 Radeon 4870 actually beat the GTX 260 most of the time forcing Nvidia to modify the GTX 260 to 216 cores and rapidly drop it's price (and the GTX 280's price too).  The 4850 was also much cheaper than the 9800GTX and was equal or even better most of the time, again forcing a revision (9800GTX+) and a price drop.  Early adopters of the GTX 280 and GTX 260 Core 192 were left stunned to see prices drop $100+ in a matter of couple weeks after launch.  Still to this day the Radeon alternatives to Nvidia are almost always cheaper.  4890 costs less than GTX 275, 4870 than GTX 260, 4850 than GTX 250... for the consumer ATi is your best friend unless you want SLI or a separate Physx card. 

Few people buy a GTX 285 or 295 anyway, so yeah ATi lost the performance game but I see no reason to doubt that they pwned on the value game.  In just a few weeks they will do the same thing with the 5850 presumably beating the GTX 285 but being cheaper, and the 5870 should be able to beat the GTX 295 (but we'll see).

kid007 5 years ago

could someone put the price? I think i know what is my next upgrade!

Blazer 5 years ago

I agree, I think that I have found my next upgrade, But I also need to know how much it will set me back. If it is priced competively against nvidea's offering, Then I might be one of those early adopters.

amdcrankitup 5 years ago

Now that would be just right for my rig!!  LOL nice toys.

marco c 5 years ago

I can personally attest to the DX11 title Colin Mcray Dirt 2 being perfectly smooth, and playable at 7680 x 3200--not sure if AA was on.

I also played H.A.W.X. on three gigantic, full HD, 1080P displays, and it was perfect. In fact, H.A.W.X. was awesome on the 24 panel setup.

I also played L4D across three 30" panels, and it was perfect. When we're able to release the specs and performance of the next-gen Radeons, you'll see why its possible to game at these insane resolutions. 2.15 billion transistors, 2.5+ T/FLOPs of compute power, in a single GPU.

kid007 5 years ago

2.15 billion transistors, 2.72 T/FLOPs of compute power, in a single GPU (Insane Numbers!)

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

OMG, I am thinking this would be awesome for a home theater setup. And gaming on it would be sweet too. Let's way the options here. Spend around 5 grand for a decent projector or get 6 30" monitors. I am wondering what the power requirements for these new cards is gonna be to handle all that and the heat output. Hopefully they don't repeat the 4800's in that perspective.

Fletch71 5 years ago

wow that is epic 6 monitors one graphics card!!

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