A-DATA Debuts 32GB Class 6 SDHC Card

32GB SDHC cards have been around for some while, but A-DATA's promising the fastest of the fast with its new 32GB Turbo SDHC Class 6 Memory Card. This here card tops out at the high-end of what's regulated by the 2.0 specification of SDHC, and it provides plenty of speed and agility for handling high definition video captures and quick burst images from DSLR cameras.

A-DATA proclaims that users can store up to 6500 high resolution images or up to five hours of 13Mbps HD video on this card, and given its Class 6 status, you won't even notice a hiccup while it's digesting all that information. If you're looking for details, the data transmission rate (read and write) is "at least" 6MB per second. A-DATA's not saying just how costly this quick and spacious card will be, but it should be sliding out to worldwide vendors in the very near future.

A Complete Product Line for SDHC
To fulfill the very specific need of every customer, A-DATA offers a complete SDHC products ranging from Class 2 to Class 6:

Product Model


Turbo microSDHC+SD adapter included

Speedy microSDHC+SD adapter included


4GB /8GB /16GB/32GB




Class 6

Class 6

Class 2

Via:  A-DATA
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AjayD 5 years ago

Forget about SDHC, SDXC is where it's at. Isn't this new gen of SD cards supposed to drop sometime this quarter?

These cards by adata may be top of the line right now, but once SDXC takes center stage, SDHC cards will be relegated to use as guitar picks for Guitar Hero III.

peti1212 5 years ago

Yeah, exactly, SDXC is suppose to give tons more space and speed than the current SDHC cards, however 32GBs for that size is pretty impressive.

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