A Glass of Water Might Help Your MPG

This will sound outlandish, but any veteran driver of a Prius, or at least one who's worked hard to get decent mileage out of the hybrid, will tell you it's not. Toyota wants you to drive with a glass of water on your dash; it'll improve your MPG.

Actually, Toyota wants you to drive as though you had a glass of water on your dash. The company has even launched a site called "A Glass of Water."

Those who have driven a Prius, and gotten good at the "video game" display in the center dash display, which is designed to help you maximize your MPG, will realize the truth in this. It's the gentle, steady acceleration that keeps a glass of water balanced on your dash that is most efficient for your gas mileage.

For those who have an iPhone, Toyota has provided an iPhone app that records your driving distance, time, fuel consumption and "virtual water spilled." The app shows you (on a map) where you can improve your driving habits. The results are automatically uploaded to Toyota's A Glass of Water website and compared with the results of others.

Toyota says that those who really stick to the program can gain up to 10 percent on their MPG. As with anything, however, "your mileage may vary."
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slugbug 4 years ago

This is just common sense. If you drive like a nut you're going to get crappy mileage. Be more conservative and your mileage will improve.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

The next time I'm pulled over for having an open container of alcohol on my dash, I'm going to use this as an excuse. "But ossifer! I wash jusht tryin'na massimize my empty jeez [hiccough]!"

fat78 4 years ago

why dont we just make cheaper H2O cars so we dont have to worry about saving gas.

Instead of making apps like this.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="fat78"]

why dont we just make cheaper H2O cars so we dont have to worry about saving gas


Or just win the lottery so we don't give a crap anymore,......

Q: "What kind of mileage are you getting with that $700,000.00, 700 Horsepower Bentley?"

A: "3 or 4, downhill, with a tailwind,........"

acarzt 4 years ago

LOL realneil. Yea those super expensive cars tend to not be very fuel efficient.

Also, a glass of water is only a good idea for straight line driving.

To maximize you fuel efficiency you should not break for a corner, but instead coast around it, tires squelling and all and attempt to maintain some speed so you do not have to build it up again using the go pedal. This would surely send water flying all over the car lol

Or possibly send the prius into a barrel roll... in which case the water would be of little concern anymore. Just look out for that flying glass lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

[quote user="fat78"]

why dont we just make cheaper H2O cars so we dont have to worry about saving gas.

Instead of making apps like this.


They have been making cars that take alternative fuels but NONE have hit the market as of yet.

Besides, for the time being; this could help everybody save gas.

acarzt 4 years ago


E85 vehicles are already on the market. That is an alternate fuel.

Also there are purely electric cars on the market.


Yea, my mustang would make short work of that glass of water too lol!

i'm almost tempted so see how much air it would get on launch lol

fat78 4 years ago

These are my babies

Bugatti Veyron: Most Expensive Car in The WorldLamborghini Reventon side view

McLaren F1 Orange with doors open

acarzt 4 years ago

I can't see the pictures.... but I see the names of those cars and uh.... if you can afford those then I guess you don't really need to be considered in this contest ;-) lol

AKwyn 4 years ago

[quote user="acarzt"]


E85 vehicles are already on the market. That is an alternate fuel.


I haven't heard of E85 vehicles before and I did not know it was an alternate fuel. Anyways, good for them.

[quote user="acarzt"]Also there are purely electric cars on the market.[/quote]

Well if you count the Tesla vehicle I don't think there are many electric vehicles on the widespread market. The Chevrolet Volt however will constitute as mainstream enough to bring the electric vehicles as a better alternate car.

acarzt 4 years ago

The volt is actually an electric vehicle with a gas generator to recharge the batteries when need be.

But I beleive it can also be plugged in. So if you don't drive over it's electric range it will always be electric only.

And yes the Tesla is the vehicle I was refering too.

E85 is on a lot of GM vehicles. It is alcohol I beleive. I think it's made from corn.

inspector 4 years ago

Toyota better bay for a new dashboard when i go uphill and the water spills all over it...

LOL acarzt. I'll be testing that app out soon :)

acarzt 4 years ago

I think it would be more fun to use this app as a measure of how aggresively you can drive :-D muahaha.

It would be good for racing if you can keep track of G's. More G's means you're doing good :-D

realneil 4 years ago

My old Turbocharged Subaru would have dumped that glass of water on your lap in a heartbeat!

Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="News"]Actually, Toyota wants you to drive as though you had a glass of water on your dash.[/quote]

But that's hard to do when your Toyota is wildly accelerating out-of-control all by itself! Seriously, Toyota has too many problems (and too many recalls) at this time to be worrying about how I drive. If you have seen any of the latest Toyota commercials on TV you may have noticed that they like to toss out the terms 'SAFE' and 'SAFETY' a lot - sometimes as many as 10 times in a single commercial. There's nothing like a TV commercial to make you believe a product is safe!

Since we are discussing Toyota, I would like to mention that there is no car made that clogs the carpool lane like a Toyota Prius. You see, here in California you can drive solo in the carpool lane in a Prius if you have a special yellow sticker on your bumper. The problem is that there are some Prius drivers that drive slowly so as to conserve fuel, and in the process they become a huge speed-bump for the rest of us commuters. But soon those Prius drivers are getting kicked out of the carpool lane! Bwahaha...check THIS story out!

So what automobile brand offers the highest quality these days? Take a look HERE, and prepare yourself for a little shocker! I would like to say that I'm proud to be an American.Big Smile 

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="Super Dave"]Toyota has too many problems [/quote]

Real world,.......my Tacoma has 70,000 miles on it with never any problem. It's always in total control. It is a four door 4X4 and I get 23MPG with it. It even has the original disk brakes on the front of it and when I went for my annual safety inspection a few months ago they reported about 40% wear on them. It's drive-ability on ice is amazing too. (we regularly negotiate a frozen mountain road in the winter getting my wife to work and back home again)

My own past experiences with Explorer, Windstar, and Suburban were far different and not so pleasurable. (the reasons that I bought the Toyota)

Yes, lots of recalls and tons of bad press have skewed the results of the JD Power survey. Public perception has changed towards Toyota because of all of the negative press. JD Power runs mainly on the opinions of the people contacted.

Also, it's obvious to me that Ford and Chevy are selling more advanced and better quality cars these days, and that's good for the US and jobs too. If I end up using this truck up, (doubtful) I'll consider one built here in America with an American name. But this Tacoma is a bitchin' ride, through and through.

The slow Prius drivers in the carpool lane need to be kicked out. Anyone putting along in that lane should get a stinking ticket and be forbidden for 6 months too.

acarzt 4 years ago

My dad has a prius and the only problem he ever had with it was when he hit a trash can and busted his mirror lol not toyota's fault tho.

Also, my mom has had 4 tahoes and the only problem she has ever had with any of them, is one had a window that got stuck down. Other than that, they've all been great.

Also my Mustang has 56,000 miles on it. I have had a couple problems with it. One where the car would be at 1/4 tank of gas left and then suddenly think it was empty and the car would sputter to a stop :-| Turned out there was some electronic sensor that needed to be replaced. Ford sent a tow truck to give me some gas tho. lol

The other problem... I had the lumbar support fully extended and one day I got on the gas really hard, shifted into second and BOOM! I heard a loud pop and I sunk into my seat lol I thought I broke the whole seat. But then I realized what had happened lol The impact of my car forcing me into the seat was just too much for the lumbar support to handle lol poor thing gave out.

realneil 4 years ago

My other, past cars suffered with many problems, one was that they would go through Sensors like crazy. Especially the Fords, (ever hear of the WindStar Blues?) but the Oldsmobile 88 Royal scattered an engine when the crankshaft sensor stopped working while passing a truck on the highway. (that was fun) The fact that they were unreliable even when under warranty pissed me off. Being disabled, I can't suffer a car that I can't trust to get me where I'm going every time.

When I came into some cash, I bought the Tacoma outright and then I got a Sonata for cash too. Both are great cars and reliable.

Many of the other vehicles chewed through front brakes and rotors like they were made of butter, and in no time at all I'd be looking at giant bills to pay, just for the pleasure of safely stopping my cars. Every second set or maybe the third set of Brake Pads I went through needed new Rotors installed too! I did a little research and found out that most mechanics that really know their shtuff use slotted rotors and 100% pure Ceramic Brake Pads. (at least, that's what they use on their OWN cars!) They NEVER recommend them to the people who pay their rent. Brake systems are designed to eventually wear and be replaced, so you'll buy parts and pay for service.

But the Ceramic (high heat capable) material brake pads don't burn at the temps generated by brake pads squeezing your rotors and as such, don't create carbon. (metallic shards are embedded into most normal pads and they do burn) Carbon, or burnt disk-pad material is highly abrasive (think sandpaper here) and eats a little bit of your rotors every time that you stop or slow down! This Carbon is the reason that you have black dust all over the front wheels on your car. It's also why you have to replace the rotors so often. It's a relentless process and is guaranteed to happen normally.

So, if you use those Slotted Rotors that I mentioned (for cooler operation) with Ceramic Pads, your brake dust problem goes away, and your brakes and rotors will last you for a hell of a long time.  My Tacoma came with Ceramic Pads on it from the factory. (70,000 miles and 40% wear so far)

My '99 Jeep Cherokee 2-door ate it's brakes at the rate of a set every 6 or 7 months, with a set of rotors every second set. After I installed the Bendix 100% Ceramic Pads (100% ceramic is important, no partial ceramic BLENDS of material) on it they were still on it four years later and still had almost a third of the material left on them. Same rotors too. (Almost 100,000 miles of travel during this time folks)

Let me note that every mechanic that I don't personally know had nothing but bad things to say about ceramic pads. They intimate that you will have trouble stopping with them. This is supreme BS. My cars always stopped much better with them installed. They didn't fade going down long hills, and they were not affected when they were wet either. They have no love for something that eliminates you spending money so often.

I guess I rambling again, sorry,....

acarzt 4 years ago

lol yea... the rotors on my mustang are warped lol i need to replace them eventually.

But they got messed up because of me lol Too many stops from triple digit speeds lol

realneil 4 years ago

Ceramic brakes won't warp them, or wear them, even if you do drive crazy.

animatortom 4 years ago


This is modern day Eco-Thought! Sounds like the people who believe in global warming, they just sit around smoke pot, and watch Jurassic Park! Then think to themselves, hey if we had a glass on our dash...we would be saving the dinosaurs!!

Heres a thought for all you eviromentalists, Lower taxes so people don't have to work sixty hours a week driving back and fourth in traffic for six hours a day! Lower government so they don't use so much gas on private limos and jets going to conferences, or appearances in summits that don't do anything but party or appearances on daytime talk shows? If people didn't have to sit in traffic to make 60 percent more for people like the City manager of Bell,CA They would only need to work four days a week and they could spend more time going for a hike with their kids! Or watching Jurassic Park with them!

acarzt 4 years ago

If everyone was allowed to telecommute, life would be so much better :-) And we would have little need for gas anymore :-)

KAshley 2 years ago

with a glass of water on your dash panel you will decrease petrol intake by 10 percent. Different ways to adhere to along with this concept consist of preventing fast beginning and preventing, using vacation control when generating on the freeway, keeping a continuous rate when generating in the area, and moving at lower rpms for guide signals. you can look some of it on other available car diagnostics.

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