$399 Xbox 360 Elite Bundle Adds Halo 3/Fable II

If you've been holding out on buying yourself an Xbox 360, you may want to procrastinate just a few weeks more. Microsoft has just announced that beginning next month, the Game of the Year Xbox 360 Elite Console will hit US shelves. The bundle will include the stylishly colored Xbox 360 Elite console along with two highly-acclaimed titles at no extra cost.

Currently, the standalone Xbox 360 Elite goes for $399. With this package, you'll get Halo 3 and Fable II -- all for the same $399. As expected, it also ships with a 120GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a wireless headset, an HDMI cable, and a free Netflix trial. Microsoft has noted that the system will only be available for a limited time, so you may want to jump early if you're interested.
Via:  Microsoft
entermymatrix03 5 years ago

Damn...you just can't beat that deal. Sony has to drop the PS3 price soon if they really want to compete against that....

Der Meister 5 years ago

Agreeded Enter

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Yeah I agree as well. I heard Fable 2 is pretty awesome. Has anyone played it?

acarzt 5 years ago

I have the original for the Xbox and I haven't even played it yet :-(

savage animal 5 years ago

PS3 can charge what they want because they have a superior product. Inherent Blu-Ray playback and far less failure rate beat 2 old ass game titles any day. That's coming from someone who owns a 360 Elite and not a PS3 btw. My Elite gave me the rrod recently and I'm telling you I couldn't possibly have turned the thing on more than 60 times. It is in a well ventilated area and dust free too, just poorly made. If I had the choice to make over again I would have gone PS3 all the way.

entermymatrix03 5 years ago

Yeah, but the folks that are looking for the instant "bang for the buck" will go with this because for the same price you get a 120gb hdd, wireless headset, and 2 games. With the PS3 you would get the console and one game if you can find the bundles.

I agree the PS3 is better though. :P Also, I got a launch 360 and have had to replace one and the replacment has died twice. My PS3 is a launch system also and it has yet to fail on me once. The only thing i'm steamed about is the early adopter always get screwed by the price drops...

squid267 5 years ago

I want a PS3, but too expensive. 360 is taking the right route.

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