11: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - February 18, 2011

In this episode of Two and a Half Geeks Dave Iyaz and Marco discuss the AMD's new Fusion low power processor in new retail-ready products the Boxee Box's latest updates NVIDIA's upcoming Kal-El quad-core Tegra mobile processor for tablets and handsets and OCZ's new blazing fast Vertex 3 Pro SSD.

Show Notes:
00:50 - AMD Fusion Hits Retail: Zotac and Gigabyte E-350s
03:44 - NVIDIA Demos Next Generation "Kal-El" Quad-Core Tegra Mobile Processor
06:31 - OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2000 Based SSD Preview
09:24 - Boxee Box Preview
13:44 - Chillin' Out With The HH Community Sweepstakes!

Via:  HotHardware
coolice 3 years ago

"LOL, what has two thumbs and feels super!" hahha

- Competition looking good, Good sum-up as always, are we going to see some build pics soon?

PS, why didnt you guys upload to youtube? what made the change?

[edit] my mistake... i stopped the video in the last 30 seconds... LOL at Finger Clicking Good hahaha and looking forward to next week!

CDeeter 3 years ago

Yes! I'm glad to hear that Marco will be posting pics and vids of the Chillin contest build. Finger clickin goodness indeed! LOL

fat78 3 years ago

some one is going to be pretty happy with that rig and with crysis 2 coming next month they can break it in with that (if the winner likes crysis)

cant wait to see the pics

rrplay 3 years ago

I must have missed the wiping SSD tip on new drives  on Twitter but got it here in this weeks 'finger licking good' episode. Sometime I often wondered how that porn got on my pc' lol !

Really a lot of us are going to be looking forward to Marco building the 'Chillin rig next time . I know I am ! [:D and can't wait  to see that.

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

Great episode!!

Was this shot in the morning? Cause it looked like Dave and Marco where ready to do some jogging after filming!!

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Thanks guys. We had some weird audio/video synch issues on this one but will try to work that out for the next episode.

inspector 3 years ago

Are you sure there wasn't unwated or WANTED content on those SSD's? :D

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