iPod nano Catches Fire in Man’s Pocket (?)

There have been plenty of recalls and stories about laptop and cell phone batteries (think Sony --- ouch, and Nokia, recently) either overheating or igniting, but we've never heard of an MP3 player doing this before.

Danny Williams says his 1 1/2 year old iPod nano caught fire in his pocket. A local TV station caught the news, and posted a rather sensationalistic story.

There's a full news video at the linked site. Hilariously, the news anchor calls the nano a "nana" (channeling her grandmother?).  The statement made by Williams' mother makes one wonder how long it will be before a lawsuit is filed.
Via:  RealTechNews
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kid007 7 years ago

technological glitches, this is not going to stop the apple "mania" that has brought the company such much success. unless Microsoft come out with a buy an ipod and catch on fire campaing :p <-- sounds like i might email bill gate on that one :p

recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

Guess money's not the only thing burnin holes in people's pockets these days!

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